Analyst, startup manager and expert in the field of fintech projects Anton Postolnikov has been known for several years. During his career, Postolnikov Anton Alexandrovich launched a considerable number of successful startups and gained fame not only in the USA or the Russian Federation, but also in a number of other countries.

A.A. Postolnikov is an expert and developer in the field of financial technologies. He was born in Russia, but was educated in America. For some time, the specialist created fintech projects for domestic companies, but now he works with foreign ones. Anton Aleksandrovich Postolnikov is an expert and developer in the field of financial technologies. He was born in Russia, but was educated in America.

Anton Postolnikov’s sincere love for Fintech

Anton Postolnikov graduated from secondary school in San Francisco in 1999 — at the International Studies Academy. This is a classic American school with a choice of subjects according to interests. Since the training in it began with the sixth year, students — in addition to the basic set of subjects — were enrolled in additional directions. Being passionate about computer technology, the young man chose courses that were somehow related to IT. He continued his education at Skyline College and then continued his studies at the College of Marine in the Bay Area. Next came startups.

Postolnikov Anton recommends — be ready for changes:

  • use a dynamic approach in planning. Constantly monitor analytics and give up inefficient promotion channels. It may turn out that advertising on television is much more effective for your business than an account in TikTok or Instagram.
  • Consider new technologies. Let’s say the development of AR objects seems very expensive.
  • However, analyze the benefits of the implementation: perhaps, thanks to it, you will be able to give up some of the physical points, increase customer loyalty, etc. Saving is not always a good thing.
  • Work not only on the quality of the product, but also on the service. Now good service gives a few more bonus points in the eyes of consumers.
  • Anton Postolnikov: the future belongs to those who are willing to share more, buying in moderation

    Entrepreneur and venture investment expert Anton Postolnikov — about the economy of shared consumption, the reasons for its growth and risks from the point of view of investments.

Anton Postolnikov: The economy of shared consumption works according to the P2P model, i.e. people-to-people (as opposed to B2B and B2C). Let’s say a person needs to drive around the city periodically, but he is not ready to buy a personal car. In this case, he can use carsharing.

A similar situation with travel — a couple will rent an apartment through Airbnb, and a conditional freelancer will go to finish the project in a coworking.

Anton Postolnikov
Anton Postolnikov
In all cases, temporary use of the service occurs. The business acts as the operator of the process, not its source. There is no real estate on Airbnb’s balance sheet — the service only helps travelers and apartment owners find each other.

Another example. We need to sell the old cabinet. You can call friends (suddenly someone needs it), but it is more effective to place an ad on Avito or Yule.

From here we highlight three features:

1. The consumer gets temporary access to the service, but does not purchase it.

2. Business in the usual sense either does not participate at all, or acts as an operator in the P2P model.

3. Active use of the Internet to search for offers and accelerate transactions.

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